UE4 Globe is a powerful application that renders imagery, heightmap, and features onto a virtual globe within the powerful Unreal game engine. It can be used for training and simulations anywhere around the world. Its key features include:

  • GLOBE TO UNDERGROUND: Globe provides the ability to view the world from space with zoom support all of the way to the ground level, allowing for training and simulation scenarios anywhere on the globe. Globe also supports underground features such as subways, metros, and tunnels.
  • ACCURATE: Globe utilizes multiple real-time data sources for maximum accuracy.
  • EXPANDABLE: New data sources can be easily incorporated into Globe.
  • REAL-TIME: Globe supports real-time updates from data sources to ensure environments always stay up-to-date.
  • UNREAL ENGINE 4 TECHNOLOGY: Globe combines data-driven accuracy with a modified UE4 game engine to produce high-quality simulation platform on real-world data; no licensing fees, open-source engine platform.
  • OBJECT LIBRARIES: Objects within the landscape can be set to generic representations or if desired, hand-generated buildings and features.
  • QUAD-ELLIPSOID TESSELLATION: Globe is represented as a quad-ellipsoid with real-time tessellation that occurs based on zoom level. Terrain elevation is accomplished by perturbing the quad-ellipsoid and supports terrain image resolution through 20 levels at maximum zoom.
  • ASSET IMPORTER: Globe has the ability to automatically import ARA RUGUD assets into Unreal Engine assets. This automated import is handled through capability added to the Unreal Editor.
  • DIS INTEGRATION: Globe is able to receive and interpret DIS PDUs.

Platform : PC-Microsoft Windows®

Mode :

Published : 2017

Client : US Army