At Virtual Heroes, we create realistic training, entertainment, and educational solutions to improve your safety, security, and way of life.

We deliver innovative solutions in these areas:

AR, VR, Virtual Worlds

Computer-based, simulated 3D environments for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Virtual Worlds platforms.

Serious Games

Game technology for education, training, strategic messaging, mission planning and rehearsal, and scientific visualization.

Simulations for Learning

Representations of real life that accurately demonstrate a physical or simulated process or phenomenon. Provides effective training and practice in a safe, controlled environment.

Terrain Modeling

Rapid generation of synthetic environments for training and testing. Intuitive technologies to build and share environment databases.

Live-Training Software

Common software for military tactical engagement simulation systems. Provides common software core for engagement adjudication, injury/damage assessment, treatment/repair, logistics, and device integration.

Game Engine Development Training

Team training sessions for your company or studio, covering all aspects of content creation through art, programming, design, QA, and production environment configurations.



Our Portfolio

For a quick introduction to a wide range of our portfolio of projects,

please download this PDF (10 MB).


Free Releases

Free COVID-19 Training

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are making our training and educational software FREE to the public. We hope to support our nation’s educators, parents, students, and healthcare workers as they adapt to new ways of learning and working during this challenging time. Virtual Heroes developed this software using the Epic Games Unreal Engine. These free downloads are being brought to you as part of an education outreach effort by Virtual Heroes, the National Centers for Simulation (NCS), and the Serious Play Conference.

Free Serious Games


Go Platform

The ARA-Virtual Heroes’ Go platform is a browser-based single/multi-player immersive virtual world platform based on the Epic Games Unreal ® Engine  that can be used to solve your education, training, and simulation needs.

The Go platform is web-accessible through a simple browser interface, and a sample plugin is available below to allow visitors to meet and converse in a 3D lounge/showcase demo environment. Browsers currently supported by Go are: Internet Explorer v7-v11 and Firefox. Contact us for more information!



Unreal Engine Web Player

The ARA Unreal Engine Web Player is a revolutionary PC browser plug-in that, for the first time ever, allows content created with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) to be streamed to and run within a web browser, supporting single and multiplayer gameplay.

We initially developed this plug-in capability for the Air Force, to serve as a foundation for delivering realistic 3D simulations and training courses to AF service members with the strength of full Unreal Engine content and the simplicity of a one-time browser plug-in install.

The Web Player allows users to access immersive, real-time, 3D content at any time, from anywhere in the world and supports PC browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Virtual Heroes is a leading industry expert in the creation of 3D training programs and simulations. We also offer hosting solutions so that your content is accessible whenever your users need it, on demand. Please visit our GO Platform Portal or contact us for more information.