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Realism, Retention and Relevancy…

Virtual Heroes was founded in January 2004 by Jerry and Christine Heneghan in Cary North Carolina for the purpose of unleashing the full performance potential of medical, military and corporate professionals. Through the efforts of its impressive team of creative, technical and artistic talent, Virtual Heroes quickly won recognition and awards by establishing itself at the nexus of cutting-edge game technologies and world class production values. From the beginning, Virtual Heroes’ proprietary approach to interactive instructional design and experiential learning has focused on simultaneously inspiring and educating across the enterprise through the use of highly immersive, dynamic and ‘fun’ content that links learning objectives to measurable performance outcomes. Our first client was the America’s Army Game Project.

In April 2009, Virtual Heroes Inc. was acquired by Applied Research Associates. The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates creates collaborative interactive learning solutions for the healthcare, federal systems and corporate training markets. Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) leverage simulation learning and digital games-based learning paradigms to accelerate learning, increase user proficiency and reduce training costs.

ARA and Virtual Heroes are dedicated to providing the appropriate learning technologies to support our client’s needs while maintaining the highest business standards and production values at every level. We strive to listen to and understand our customers’ challenges in order to provide them with the right solutions on time and on budget.

Virtual Heroes creates blended learning courseware by combining educationally sound and scientifically validated approaches in a robust, proven, production process. We create interactive learning architectures and content based on interoperable industry system standards.

We focus on delivering content in three formats:

  • Simulations for Learning: Representations of real life that accurately demonstrate a physical or simulated process or phenomenon.
  • Serious Games: Game technology used for other than purely entertainment purposes including education, training, strategic messaging, mission planning and rehearsal, marketing, scientific visualization etc.
  • Virtual Worlds: Computer-based, simulated 3D environments intended for many users to inhabit and interact with via avatars.

Our full training development capabilities scale from Flash based solutions to fully immersive 3D applications delivered across secure networks, on mobile devices and on game consoles.

Additional Capabilities:

We can accommodate sensitive training requirements as our staff members hold SECRET clearances and our facilities are designed to handle classified projects.

Through ARA’s Cognitive Solutions Division, we have the capabilities on hand to:

  • Identify how cognitive work can be supported:
    Technology, team dynamics and communication, work processes, work spaces
  •  Develop solutions to improve system performance:
    Reliability, efficiency, safety, and resilience
  • Understand work domains, and operator cognitive work in context
    Situation assessment Problem detection
    Learning, recollection Sense-making
    Planning, re-planning Coordination
    Decision making Managing uncertainty & risk
    Outcome assessment Managing attention

Through ARA’s Vertek Division, we have the fabrication capabilities on hand to manufacture:

  • Part task trainers
  • Systems trainers
  • Full motion and stationary training simulators

We invite you to explore our Website and your organization’s untapped potential.